Network Information

Resolvers: &
IPv6 Resolvers: 2001:67c:64:42::2 & 2001:67c:64:42:4

Terminal Room printer:

RIPE 62 Connectivity

To use the RIPE Meeting wireless connectivity, configure this network name:

ESSID: ripemtg

IEEE 802.11a connectivity is also available. Configure this network name:

ESSID: ripemtga

The wireless connectivity at the RIPE Meeting is:

802.11b (11 Mb/s), 802.11g (54 Mb/s) or 802.11a (54 Mb/s) compliant.


The RIPE Meeting wireless network is password protected. You will find your password printed on the back of your badge. If you need further information about this, please contact the Registration Desk at the venue.

The wireless network is encrypted using WPA2 Personal. However, as always, please do take precautions when dealing with sensitive information over the network.

IPv4 addresses are assigned dynamically from the RIPE Meeting address space.  Dynamic DNS updates are being run.
IPv6 addresses are assigned using stateless auto-configuration.

Static Addresses

You will find RFC2322 compliant clothes pegs next to the printer in the Terminal Room (Ivory Room).

Terminal Room

The terminal room is located in the Foyer on level 1.

Please refrain from holding meetings in the Terminal Room as it is a quiet place for attendees to work. A terminal with a dual screen set-up is also provided in so that presenters can check how their presentations will display.

All computers in the Terminal Room are equipped with Microsoft Office, iWork and Open Office.

A network printer is also available together with instructions on how to connect to it.
Terminal Room printer: