Draft Agenda, ENUM WG at RIPE-62

14:00 Thursday, 5 May 2011,
NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam, Netherlands

A: Administrivia (5 min)
Welcome, Scribe, Jabberwok, Microphone etiquette, Agenda

B: Minutes of revious meetings
B1: Finalize Minutes of ENUM-WG at RIPE 60, Prague (1 min)
B2: Finalize Minutes of ENUM-WG at RIPE 61, Rome (2 min)

C: Review Action List (3 min)
ENUM-AP-61.1 – [DONE] Niall O’Reilly, Carsten Schiefner and Peter Koch to
clarify point from RIPE 60 minutes.
ENUM-AP-61.2 – [DONE] Carsten Schiefner to get more information on NRENUM.
ENUM-AP-61.3 – Denesh Bhabuta to organise a panel.


D: Main presentations (45 min)

D1: NRENUM (Peter Szegedi, 20 min)
D2: ENUM and +1800 (Pavel Tuma, 15 min)
D3: IETF ENUM work complete (Bernie Hoeneisen, 10 min)

E: ENUM Operations

E1: Tier-0 Report (Wolfgang Nagele, 15 min)

F: Short News
F1: enumdata.org update (Niall O’Reilly, 5 min)
F2: .cz ENUM (Pavel Tuma, 10 min)
F3: +351 (PT) delegation (5 min)

G: Discussion on Plenary presentation:
[Placeholder for ‘G': nothing planned this time]

X: Interaction with other working groups


Z: Close (5 min)
Summary of action items