Database WG

Thursday, 5 May at 16:00

A. Administrative Matters

B. ACM-TF status report

C. Data Base Update – Database Group, RIPE NCC

  • details TBA
  • changes in Database Group in the RIPE NCC

D. Revisting Attributes in the Domain: Object – Peter Koch, DENIC

E. Request: Secure Channel to Access Registry Data – Martin Millnert, Shane Kerr

F. Follow-On: MD5 to be replaced by SHA2 – Discussion (all)

G. brief report: ICANN’s RT4-whois (WW144)

H. Do we need a “whoisNG” protocol? (WW144)

I. Input from other WGs and TFs

  • DNS: dash-notation changes for revDNS (TBC)


  • Record Sponsoring LIR in Resource Registry