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from Thursday 5 May 2011

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Address Policy Working Group Sessions

Lightening TalksEmilio Madaio, RIPE NCC, gave an overview of proposals under discussion and the RIPE NCC Policy Development Update. An overview of a new and efficient way of registering IPv6 assignments in the RIPE Database was presented by Marco Hogewoning.

Andy Davidson presented the idea of a new policy proposal to give IPv4 PI space to IXPs when the last /8 policy comes into action. The idea, which was first presented in Wednesday’s EIX session, was well received by the attendees in the room. The RIPE NCC also presented an overview of how some current policies are implemented. This led to the initiative to start the Policy Development Process (PDP) for a clarification in the final last /8 policy.

There was discussion on how the IPv6 policies and the difference between PI and PA space can be reworked to better fit the needs of all IPv6 users. The attendees agreed that a formal policy proposal, authored by Sander Steffann, should be submitted.

Erik Bais presented his proposal on the removal of multihomed requirement for IPv6 PI. There was no strong majority for or against it, so more discussion in the mailing list was recommended. Finally, Dave Wilson brought up non-obvious problems with IPv4 transfers and collected feedback. His intention to produce a guideline text was welcomed and further discussion and comments will be transferred to the mailing list.


The session started with an interesting presentation from Wouter Wijngaards, NLnet Labs, about NSD4, on the planned next version of the NSD name server. There were a few comments afterwards pointing out the advantages of NSD compared to other name servers. Sander Degen,TNO, presented on DNSSEC client behaviour and discussed various timeouts caused by the behaviour of clients on different operating systems.
Jakob Schlyter, Kirei AB, introduced a Hardware Security Module (HSM) Survey with information regarding equipment available on the market, and the session ended with an appropriately-named talk from Wilfried Woeber, Uni Wien/ACOnet, The “Dancing F-Root” Story, which prompted several comments.

Coffee break

New Co-Chair Announced at Anti-Abuse

Tobias Knechtwas warmly welcomed as the new co-chair of the Anti-Abuse Working Group, working group. Darren Anstee, Arbor Networks, gave an informative presentation about trends in DDoS attacks throughout 2010 that drew much interest from attendees. Ingvar Mattson, Google, also gave a presentation on blackhole administration tools, and Wout de Natris, OPTA, gave an update on the progress made by the Cyber Crime Working Party (CCWP).

Lame Zone Talk at ENUM

The ENUM session some discussion about removing lame zones from the DNS. It’s unclear if the ENUM WG or the RIPE NCC have the authority to do this as the delegations are approved by the ITU. Discussion on this will continue on the ENUM mailing list. There was also an agreement to host a panel discussion at the RIPE 63 Meeting in Vienna. There were several short updates and an interesting presentation by Peter Szegedi, TERENA, on NRENUM.


The RIPE NCC shared the latest RIPE Database developments. Geolocation prompted a thorough discussion and further discussion will take place on the mailing list. Shane Kerr, ISC, proxied a presentation about adding a Transport Layer Security (TLS) Channel to the RIPE Database. The idea was supported and an action was placed on the RIPE NCC to investigate. There was a long discussion on password cracking in the RIPE Database and attendees requested that the RIPE NCC look into solutions. Another action to implement -a to -b functionality with regard to reverse DNS delegations was requested. The session ended with another discussion on whether information from sponsoring LIRs should be collected for PI address space.


The MAT WG session was packed for one of the final sessions of the day. There were several presentations, including updates from the RIPE NCC on RIPE Atlas, Measuring World IPv6 Day and RIPEstat – The Information Toolbox. There were also presentations on the Arbor ATLAS initiative by Darren Anstee, Arbor Networks, and Home Network Monitoring by Renata Teixeira. Job Snijders presentation on NLNOG RING prompted a lot of discussion. As the WG session finished, the Measurements BoF began.

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