Routing WG

Wednesday, 5 May 2011 14:00

A. Administration
Approval of minutes from RIPE 61
Microphone etiquette
Thank scribe and jabber monitor

B. IPv6 Routing Recommendations – Rob Evans
Updated draft for meeting, recommending all routes are registered in IRR.

C. Online Testing of BGP – Marco Canini
Of related interest will be the Network Complexity BoF on Monday evening.

D. Multi-/Fail-Over Path Routing – NLnet Labs

E. Effect of RPKI Deployment Scenarios – NLnet Labs

F. RPKI Updates from the RIPE NCC – Alex Band
Up/Down Protocol, RIPE NCC “Down” Client, Preventing Data Rot, Validation in the Real World, ROAs and Maximum Length.

G. BGPSEC, The Gory Details – Randy Bush
A follow-up from the presentation in the plenary.