Address Policy WG

Thursday, 09:00-10:30

A. Administrative Matters
(welcome, thanking the scribe, approving the minutes, etc.)

B. Current Policy Topics – Emilio Madaio

  • Global policy overview
    “what’s going on?”
  • Common policy topics in all regions
    (end of IPv4, transfers, …)
  • Overview over concluded proposals in the RIPE region since RIPE 61
    2010-05 Global Policy for IPv4 … post exhaustion – withdrawn
    2010-06 Registration Requirements for IPv6 … Assignments – accepted
    2010-07 Ambiguity cleanup on IPv6 Addr. … Policy for IXP – withdrawn
    2010-02 Allocations from the last /8 – accepted
    2008-07 Efficient Use of Historical IPv4 Resources – withdrawn
    2010-01 Temporary Internet Number Assignment Polices – Last Call

T.1 Discussion of Open Policy Proposals

2011-01 Global Policy for post exhaustion IPv4 allocation mechanisms by the IANA – Philip Smith, for the proposers
[NEW policy proposal]

IPv4 Assignments to IXPs from the Last /8 – Andy Davidson, EIX WG chair

E. Feedback from NCC Registration Services

Report from the RIPE NCC Registration Services department on issues and unintended side-effects showing up in the daily implementation of the RIPE policies.

  • ASN 32 assignments – global overview – Alex Le Heux

    (possibly followed by discussion / Q&A)

  • planned Implementation details for “last /8″ – Alex Le Heux

    (possibly followed by discussion / Q&A)

  • policy for upgrade of “initial /32 allocation” assigned to large carriers to “something large enough for their needs”

    (Explanation how these cases are currently handled, Alex Le Heux)

  • IPv6 PI discussions between RIPE members and the NCC RS

    (Explanation to the audience where the “sore spots” are, Alex L.H.)


Thursday, 11:00-12:30

L. On IPv6 PI Policy

Discussion how the IPv6 PA/PI policies can be reworked in a fundamental way to better fit the needs of all IPv6 users.

Discussion led by working group chairs.

M. Discussion of open policy proposals – IPv6 related

2011-02 (IPv6 PI multihoming)

N. On Transfer Guidelines – David Wilson

Bringing non-obvious problems with transfers into the open

Goal: write a RIPE BCP document


Friday, 09:00-10:30

C. Document Cosmetic Surgery Project – Emilio Madaio

  • Update on current status
  • How to go forward?

D. On IPv6 Documentation Requirements – Marco Hogewoning

Short presentation explaining how the policy change 2010-06 and AGGREGATED-BY-LIR affects day-to-day business for LIRs assigning IPv6 blocks to End Users.

S. More Rough Edges of the current policies

“if more things show up”

T.2 Discussion of open policy proposals

2006-05 IPv4 PI Assignment Size
[ONGOING / waiting for proposer]

2008-08 Initial Certification Policy for (…) Address Space Holders
[ONGOING / Last Call]

2010-01 Temporary Internet Number Assignment Policies
[ONGOING / Last Call]

Y. Open Policy Hour

“The Open Policy Hour (OPH) is a showcase for your policy ideas. If you have a policy proposal you’d like to debut, prior to formally submitting it, here is your opportunity.” (Idea from ARIN policy meeting)